We are here to drive the wheels of industrial progress in Nepal, proudly championing the cause of locally made products. At ROB HA, our primary objective is crystal clear: to promote the excellence of Nepal-made products while discouraging the influx of imported ready-made clothing and garments.
As the top maker of uniforms in Nepal, we are renowned for creating fine apparel that is especially suited to the exacting demands of the hospitality sector. Our dual function as a manufacturer and supplier sets us distinct. Every step of the manufacturing process is thoroughly monitored by us, resulting in an unmatched attention to detail and the use of quality materials.

We offer custom-made uniforms tailored for diverse sectors, all while upholding the rich traditions of local craftsmanship and authenticity. We provide a direct gateway to superior products at competitive prices by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, ensuring that our clients have access to top ­quality items, each proudly bearing the mark of being made in Nepal.

We are not just a company; we are a testament to the thriving spirit of Nepal’s industrial landscape.

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